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We guarantee the quality and authenticity of every luxury watch we sell through an all-encompassing, meticulous examination process involving careful examination of its components and functionality, as well as verification of any relevant documentation.



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This list is based on Luxehouze’s Inspection Process.

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What They Say

Our satisfied clients share their experiences with our 360° inspection process to ensure quality and authenticity.
Richard Kyle
Model & Actor

Choosing Luxehouze for consigning my luxury items was a game-changer. The process was smooth, and the team's personal touch and commitment to authenticity made me feel valued. Now, Luxehouze is not just a marketplace; it's my trusted partner in curating my collection with care and expertise.

Chris CSB
Lifestyle Influencer

My first visit to Luxehouze was a memorable one- what started as a simple boutique has currently grown into a place of impressive luxury collection with top-notch customer service. Each advisor is nothing short of knowledgeable and is well-familiar with all the products. I believe that Luxehouze has revolutionized the experience of luxury shopping with its transparent pricing and simple buying process. It's all about the full-circle five-star experience

Christie Basil
Fashion Designer

I’m totally in love with Luxehouze's pre-order service for their Hermès bags! I’ve always wanted the Kelly Nata in size 25, and unlike any other places where the waitlists take forever, I received it from Luxehouze within a month! They even delivered it straight to my home. Truly a quick and hassle-free experience!

Arnold Poernomo
Chef & Entrepreneur

Luxehouze’s service is top-notch. I personally recommend Luxehouze as a marketplace for your luxury needs

Rio Wibowo
Celebrity Photographer

Luxehouze has now become my preferred luxury marketplace because they offer a fast & easy buying or selling experience - and of course, the guarantee that the items sold are 100% authentic.

Alessandro Georgie
Fashion Influencer

While I’m looking around the boutique I’m accompanied by their Client Advisor who assures me that all the luxury items sold here are guaranteed 100% authentic.

Shop 100% Authentic Timepieces

Watch authenticity is significant because it assures you of the quality, craftsmanship, and value of your timepiece. Authentic watches are made with high-quality materials, precise movements, and detailed craftsmanship that replicas or fakes cannot match.

We proudly call our authentication process Luxehouze’s 360° Inspection Process. Our quality and authenticity inspection process involves a multi-step verification procedure, which has been summarized above. If you would like to learn more about our 360° Inspection Process, feel free to reach out to our Client Advisors.

Common signs of a counterfeit watch include poor quality craftsmanship, incorrect logos or branding, mismatched serial numbers, and inferior materials. However, some counterfeits are very high-quality, and these signs may not be apparent. As mentioned, professional authentication is recommended for complete assurance.

While there are certain signs you can look for to determine if a watch is fake, professional authentication is recommended for complete assurance. Counterfeit watches can be extremely convincing and may fool even an experienced eye.

Luxehouze offers you three ways to sell your luxury item: Consignment, Direct Sell, and Trade-In. You can choose whichever suits your preference.

Every watch we sell is guaranteed to be 100% authentic. Nonetheless, if you find your item to be inauthentic despite our rigorous inspection process, we stand by our promise to refund the full purchase price. Please note that you will need to provide proof that the watch you purchased from Luxehouze is indeed a counterfeit.